Alli Jacks Massage Therapist

Alli Jacks

Certified Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy drew me in when I was looking for a way to fulfill my desires to be of help to people in society. I have trained for two years under Colorado School of Healing Arts learning what it is to be a massage therapist, someone who can hold healing, caring space for another individual. Massage Therapy is an opportunity to stop and take time to care for our physical bodies which in turn nutures our mind and spirit. It offers a way to aquire rest and wellness in the hectic lives we live. I have worked to be equipped to assist people in need of rest and relief. With an associates degree from Colorado School of Healing Arts, I have aquired a basic knowledge of anatomy/physiology, swedish and deep tissue massage, and have gained certificates in craniosacral, lymphatic drainage, and sports massage.

Outside of giving massage, I am an individual who greatly enjoys music, from playing guitar to singing to dropping a beat on the drums. I enjoy music of many varieties. I have a small family of three which includes me, my husband, and our baby Naomi. I cherish time spent together hiking as a family, eating, playing games, reading, and much more. My husband is a part time youth pastor and I am volunteering on the worship team at church. We are very involved in ministry and growing as spiritual human beings.