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Martha R. Jackson, DNM

Doctor of Natural Medicine located in Wheat Ridge, CO


About Dr. Martha Rust Jackson

Smiling headshot of Doctor JoyceDr. Martha Rust Jackson is certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA) as a Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM) and Master Herbalist (MH). In addition, her 40 plus years of experience as a Registered Nurse (RN) and training as a Bioenergetic Doctor (BD) enables her to connect her patients’ medical history with their desire for natural healing. Furthermore, Dr. Martha is trained in the spiritual aspects of health through her master’s from Denver Seminary (MA)and Doctorate in Sacred Medicine (DSM).

Dr. Jackson is a member of the ANMA and was recognized in Aug. 2021 with the Higher Achievement Award from this association for her doctoral work with parasitic infections.

Natural and Bio-energetic medicine includes use of energy assessment tools to generate a complete picture of a person’s body functions or dysfunctions. Using specialized equipment, Dr. Martha analyzes the data and creates an overall plan to maximize a person’s health through use of energetic therapy, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements.

Bio-Resonance Analysis and Therapy
The Medicine Way software is based on the resonant frequencies of the cells in our bodies.Dr. Martha researchThis software and a specialized headset can bioenergetically assess organ and system imbalances. With color and shape coded graphics, areas of inflammation and bioenergetic imbalances are identified. The analysis reveals each person’s specific areas of energetic stress and can evaluate potential causes of that disease or dysfunction.

All organisms have resonant frequencies. Our technology uses this quality to identify viruses, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and malfunctioning cells that may be present in the body, causing dysfunctional characteristics in that individual.

After identifying specific health challenges for each individual, Meta-therapy is used to treat problem areas by giving corrective frequencies to restore cellular harmony so that the body’s natural healing can occur.

The detailed analysis includes all organs: brain, nerves, heart, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, intestines, bones, muscles, lungs, spleen, arteries, thyroid, adrenals, lymph and more.

Color CodeColor and shape coding ranges from #1 yellow representing low level stress to #6 black, representing highest level of stress.


Bowel Comparative AnalysisAs measures to improve stress levels are applied, the scan can assess the progress. This is a comparison of the bowel before bioenergetic and herbal therapies (left) and then several months later. As the parasite was eliminated, the intestines showed a 65% improvement.

Parasitic infestations can hide for many years. Some common vague symptoms include bloating, constipation, depression, brain fog, low energy, waking in the night. Parasites are most active around 3 am and can be responsible for awakening the host (those infected).

The bio resonance scan can pick up the frequencies of parasites and identify specific types so they can be effectively eliminated. Many people have presented with negative stool tests from the lab but energetically positive for a parasite. After energetic and herbal therapy, they begin passing the unwanted critters.

There is no age limit for parasites. Many children who complain of stomach aches, have trouble with regular bowel movements or exhibit food allergy symptoms often have multiple parasites.

Forty percent of Dr. Martha’s patients have energetically tested positive for parasites. The proof can be present in the stool and helps make believers out of skeptics.


Stomach Comparative AnalysisIn this comparison, the stomach on the left shows the highest level of stress with #6 black squares in the lower stomach. This stress is due to the bacteria, H-pylori. The scan on the right shows the stomach with all yellows, the lowest level of stress after herbal medicine therapy successfully eliminated these bacteria.  H-pylori is one of the number one causes of stomach cancer. Symptoms can range from bloating to acid reflux or nausea. Antiacids may eliminate symptoms but do not address the root of the problem.


cellular resonant frequenciesThe body’s cellular resonant frequencies can be evaluated in more detail through the cell nucleus level, giving more clues to the source of abnormal function. The analysis can reveal early malfunction before symptoms occur.
Therapy can be accomplished at this chromosome level through the process of epigenetics. Changes in the stress level are assessed in real time while the client is receiving therapy and observing the results on a large screen monitor.



Thyroid Gland AnalysisThe thyroid gland, located in the front of the neck, is often linked to weight gain and diminishing energy levels. Energetic scanning can reveal if thyroid hormones are being produced in appropriate amounts, and whether the thyroid is under or over functioning.

Supplements, herbs and natural products are used to help support the gland.

With each subsequent scan, the organ is reevaluated, assessing the effectiveness of the treatment program.

This thyroid scan shows a very high level of stress and is not functioning properly.


Heart Muscle AnalysisThe heart muscle, circulation (blood supply) and electrical conduction can also be assessed by the bio resonance scanning.

The heart can be supported energetically with meta-therapy and with many natural supplements used to support all aspects of the heart.

Early detection and prevention are important goals in natural medicine.

Brain FunctionWhen assessing brain function, natural practitioners look at both the health of the neurons (brain cells) and the effectiveness of the brain circulation (blood supply). Balance in both these areas will help to maintain healthy brain function.

This scan shows the beginnings of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) in the brain. There are vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements that can greatly enhance brain function and at times help reverse deteriorating cognition.


Autoimmune diseases are on the rise. These can affect the skin, joints, thyroid, nerves, bowel, blood or a combination of these organs. In autoimmune disease, the body turns on itself and becomes self-destructive. The cause is usually unknown, but there may be other contributing factors. Dr. Martha has found natural medicine that can help the body to minimize this self-destruction.

Do any of these examples describe you or a family member?

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