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Spinal Decompression Specialist

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If you need relief from chronic back pain from a herniated disc, you may be a candidate for spinal decompression. At Applewood Chiropractic, Robert Jackson Jr., DC, and Cole Joyce, DC, use the advanced, computer-assisted DRX9000® spinal decompression technology to relieve pressure on your spinal nerves. Spinal decompression is a surgery-free, in-office procedure that can help you avoid more invasive treatments. Call the Wheat Ridge, Colorado, office today to find out if you’re a candidate for spinal decompression or book an appointment online.

Spinal Decompression Q&A

What is spinal decompression?

Spinal decompression is a state-of-the-art technology that gradually reduces pressure on the delicate nerves near your spine. That pressure is often the result of a herniated or degenerated disc, which can irritate your spinal nerves.

Irritated and inflamed spinal nerves can lead to chronic back pain, neck pain, and the loss of your mobility. Many people also experience persistent symptoms like tingling, weakness, and numbness throughout their body because of compressed spinal nerves.





Am I a candidate for spinal decompression?

You may benefit from spinal decompression if you have pain and other symptoms from conditions like:

  • Sciatica
  • Herniated discs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Mild spondylolisthesis

Spine decompression aims to relieve pressure on your nerves without surgery. The system works by creating negative intradiscal pressure to relieve stress on your spine, intervertebral discs, and facet joints.

To determine if you’re a candidate for spinal decompression, the chiropractic team carefully reviews your medical history and the type of injury or underlying medical condition you wish to treat.

Decompression is a safe and effective way to address chronic pain and can help reduce your reliance on medications and prolong or prevent the need for surgery.

What happens during a spinal decompression treatment?

The team at Applewood Chiropractic uses the DRX9000® spinal decompression system to elongate your spine. The advanced symptom relies on computers to calculate the decompression treatment each patient needs to achieve optimal results.

During your treatment, you can feel the machine gently pulling, holding, and releasing your spine through a series of movements. Typically treatments last 30 minutes, depending on your general health and pain level.

Spinal decompression requires no surgery, and the chiropractic team ensures your comfort and safety through treatment. Following spinal decompression, you may benefit from additional chiropractic adjustments and ice therapy.

How often do I need spinal decompression?

Often, people need a few decompression sessions over several weeks to maximize their results.

The Applewood Chiropractic team can discuss what to expect from your decompression therapy and how often you should schedule an appointment. They customize treatment plans based on the condition you’re treating.

To find out if spinal decompression is right for you, call Applewood Chiropractic today or book a consultation online.